support our work

why support KulshanCLT?

The single most important reason to support KulshanCLT is that our work makes your community stronger.  Our work results in:

  • A growing inventory of homes affordable to middle-income households today and tomorrow,
  • Families building equity safely,
  • Children being able to stay in the same school district,
  • More people who get involved in improving their neighborhoods and other civic activities,
  • Fewer foreclosures,
  • Less absentee landlordship,
  • A legacy for the next generation.

the gift that keeps on giving

When you support KulshanCLT, you help to provide a deserving individual or family with the opportunity to own their own home, you are expanding  the number of permanently affordable homes in Whatcom County, and you are strengthening the communities where all of us live, work and play.

Whether you choose to give a one time financial gift or commit the next 20 years of your life to KulshanCLT’s mission, each contribution to KulshanCLT is a permanent investment in the fabric of our community, creating affordable homes that serve our neighbors today and the community at large well into the future.

By employing the community land trust approach to homeownership, KulshanCLT is a very prudent and efficient investment of public housing dollars and community philanthropy. Money invested in KulshanCLT is used to keep homes affordable for the long-term and to ensure homeowner success. Housing subsidy funds stay permanently invested in each home so even after many resales, a KulshanCLT home stays in service of the community, creating access to homeownership for the entirety of the home’s useful life.

so, why now?

For many people buying a home in Whatcom County, especially with rising home prices lately, seems likes an impossible challenge. The need for stability and predictability of not only monthly housing costs for individual households, but also of home values and quality for neighborhoods and communities is more clear than ever before.

Now, 2014, is the time to take advantage of opportunities to increase the number of permanently affordable homes in the Whatcom County area. Thanks to the passing of the HOME Levy, we have access to new funds for acquisition. These funds will allow us to stretch your donations even further.

By investing now, we can buffer our community against the potential for future dramatic increases in home prices.

By investing now, as the economy stabilizes, we can safeguard families and communities against the cyclical nature of the housing market.

Your support creates opportunities for your hard-working, modest-income neighbors—your child’s teacher, your aging parents, the grocery clerk at your local super market, your mail carrier—and directly benefits you by creating a stronger, more just community.

We must act immediately to answer the urgent call for affordability by increasing support and resources for our current homeowners while building homeownership opportunities that will long outlive the current flux of the economy.

giving back to the community

By having affordable housing expenses, our homeowners have more freedom to choose what they will do with the rest of their resources. Some choose to spend more time volunteering in the community. Some have the financial ability to take lesser paying jobs at nonprofit agencies so they can make a tangible difference in people’s everyday lives.

No matter what they choose, they are free to follow their passions because they aren’t constricted by finances.