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Beautifully designed, energy efficient, healthy homes are available now. Affordably. Contact us to see what’s currently on the market or to discuss your home buying opportunities. Community investments will dramatically reduce your purchase price — with many people paying only two thirds of the home’s market value.

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  • The Francis Family: Home at Last | 8.25.21

    What does a business-owner and a single mom with four kids do to dramatically simplify her life? She buys a KulshanCLT home! Tonia was a trainer at Gold’s Gym, but being single again meant she needed to work full-time, so she leveraged her client list and started a strength training business called Terrain in 2008. […]

  • Telegraph Road Townhomes | 1.6.17

    Kulshan CLT has been working in partnership with Habitat for Humanity on our biggest joint effort to date. In the Spring of 2018 Habitat broke ground on Phase IA of the Telegraph Townhomes development which consists of 8 townhomes, two three-bedroom and six two-bedroom homes. The Homeowners, a mix of Habitat for Humanity and Kulshan […]


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