our vision and values

KulshanCLT mission, vision, values and strategy

our mission

Kulshan Community Land Trust strengthens community by holding land in trust for permanently affordable homeownership and other community needs, and by offering financial and educational services to people of limited means.

our vision

To grow a community everyone can afford. People who work in our community should be able to live in our community.

Foster a healthy mix of housing types, sizes and prices, affordable at the wages of the jobs nearby. Through a variety of strategies and motivations the private, public, and nonprofit sectors create housing for our economically diverse community.

Economically diverse neighborhoods which reflect our economically diverse community. By encouraging a mix of housing prices within neighborhoods, and diverse neighbors sharing fences, we strengthen our community.

Land that is appreciated, conserved, productive, and affordable in perpetuity. A pervasive land ethic de-emphasizing a property’s speculative value.

Compact urban neighborhoods with easy access to jobs and transportation choices. Using incentives and best practices to grow a livable, environmentally-sound, and compact community.

A citizenry involved in and shaping its community. A community so promising our neighbors feel invested in its future.

A generous and thankful community. A community where people will take care of each other when things fall apart.

our values

We believe in the power of generosity. When we share what we have with our neighbors we build a stronger neighborhood, what we have given multiplies, and our community equity appreciates.

We believe in the power of gratitude. When we are thankful for what our neighbors have given, and appreciate the benefits we receive from our community, our neighborhood grows stronger, and good will multiplies.

We believe in the power of working together. By seeking common ground and combining efforts with diverse, and sometimes unlikely allies, we are better able to improve our common wealth.

Even in a climate of fear and scarcity we choose love and abundance. By approaching our neighborhood in a giving and thankful spirit, we create true wealth and reciprocation, no matter what the economic condition of our community.

We believe in open doors and talking over fences. We welcome and respect everyone in our neighborhood, and know that when we are faced with adversity and disharmony, the power of transparent and authentic communication resolves disputes and builds stronger relationships with our neighbors.

our strategy

By understanding the dynamics underlying the challenges of the commons we are better able to organize and inspire our community to more fairly share our common wealth. We apply the community land trust strategy and work within prevailing economic and governing systems, using assets and insights from all sectors, to better the common good in our community.

Create urban vitality. Contribute to urban vitality by adding affordable housing to neighborhoods already served with jobs and transportation options.

Complement neighborhoods gracefully. Partner with others to create affordable homeownership that blends gracefully into neighborhoods.

Grow community. Preserve affordable homeownership for people working and living in our community, and for our children and grandchildren.

Build momentum. Put good ideas into action. Build and help purchase more homes every year. Make a difference together by growing awareness and involvement in bringing about our vision.

Create an opportunity to give. Give our community the opportunity to be positive and generous; to build a community where people will take care of each other when things fall apart; and to invest in their community, so it will always be there.