Telegraph Road Townhomes

Kulshan CLT has been working in partnership with Habitat for Humanity on our biggest joint effort to date. In the Spring of 2018 Habitat broke ground on Phase IA of the Telegraph Townhomes development which consists of 8 townhomes, two three-bedroom and six two-bedroom homes. The Homeowners, a mix of Habitat for Humanity and Kulshan CLT program applicants, will be moving in to these first 8 homes in September, 2020. Phase IB will have 4 townhomes, two two-bedroom and two three-bedroom, and construction is scheduled to begin soon after completion of Phase IA.

Thanks to a generous $75,000 grant from Puget Sound Energy and gift in-kind from Western Solar, the first 12 Telegraph Townhomes will all have solar installations. Western Solar has already installed the solar panels on the first 8 homes and will install the other 4 when construction is complete on Phase IB. The addition of solar power to the passive house construction of the townhomes means that these homes will be even more affordable by saving energy usage.

Buyers for these and future Telegraph Townhomes will need to meet income guidelines for Habitat for Humanity’s program or Kulshan CLT’s program.

  • Homes will sell for $150,000- $200,000
  • 2 & 3 bedroom homes
  • Built to Passive House expectations but customized for long-term maintenance affordability
  • Solar Panels on the first 12 units
  • Future connection to Bellingham Park’s Trail system to promote physical activity and healthy families
  • This location offers great access to services and transportation.