homebuyer education

not sure where to start?

We can help you figure it out in our free Homebuyer Education class. Give us six hours, and we will cover the homebuying process from the very beginning to the move-in date.

We want to de-mytisfiy the process and leave lots of time to hear your questions. You will hear from a KulshanCLT representative, a local loan officer and a real estate broker about how to prepare for the road to homeownership.

In the class you will learn:

  • How to determine how much you can afford
  • How to shop for a lender
  • How to identify credit issues
  • How to select the right loan product
  • How to identify a predatory lender
  • How to shop for a real estate professional
  • Things to consider when negotiating the purchase price
  • How to evaluate the home you want to buy

Upon completion of the class you will earn a certificate from the Washington State Housing Finance Commission (WSHFC). The certificate allows you to take advantage of special loan products and is a requirement for any of the WSHFC’s affordable loan products. The class is free but you must pre-register.

our next classes will be held:


At this time, only virtual homebuyer education classes are allowed in WA State. Kulshan CLT is not currently conducting classes, but there are many available online.  If you are in need of a class for a loan closing, please see the WSHFC website for these virtual options.

To register for our next Homebuyer Education class, please email info@kulshanclt.org, or call 360-671-5600, ext.105. Please note that our office is closed Friday afternoon through Sunday.  If you need to reach us during that time, please email us.  Thank you!

Our form is not currently functional so please call or email us. Thank you! 

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