madrona street home

KulshanCLT, in partnership with The Cascade Joinery, broke ground on its new Birchwood neighborhood home on April 28, 2010. More than 50 community members and public officials gathered between spring showers and sun breaks at the Madrona Street home site to celebrate.

“We couldn’t be happier,” said Matt Kauffman who, with his wife Jill and their two-year old son, Merit, is purchasing the home. “It has all the right ingredients – an affordable, super energy-efficient compact design, close to work and downtown Bellingham. We love the neighborhood, the parks and trails. Now we are eager to get started.”

The Cascade Joinery designed the Madrona Street home with a goal of achieving optimum energy efficiency and affordability. “Its footprint will fit under this 20’ X 30’ canopy,” said John Miller, Managing Partner of The Cascade Joinery. It will take advantage of new developments in energy efficient construction methods and materials. “Its passive solar design and reliance on energy conservation will help homeowners achieve additional cost savings and efficiencies,” Miller added. “We are aiming for LEED for Homes Gold from the U.S. Green Building Council and a Five Star rating from BIAWC Built Green.”

Mayor Dan Pike compared construction of the new home to winning the Trifecta–builders making a healthy profit, paying healthy wages, creating sustainable homes working people can afford to buy. “This is a special neighborhood,” Pike said. “KulshanCLT’s track record and The Cascade Joinery’s innovative design prove that new construction can be a welcome addition and a good neighbor.”

“This home is the first to utilize Economic Development Investment funding for the construction of affordable homes for working people in our community,” said Whatcom County Executive Pete Kremen. “The funding will stimulate our local building industry, provide living-wage construction jobs, leverage additional private investment in homes, and put money in Whatcom County and city coffers.”

The Madrona Street home marks a major milestone as one of four pending acquisitions to create KulshanCLT’s 100th home. As planning and construction progresses community members will be invited to workshops, tours and open houses to learn more about the home’s affordable, sustainable design, features and advanced construction techniques.