The Wentworth family

Happy Valley neighbors Arianna, Gemma, Woody and Isabella Wentworth

"When the keys were ours, we had a picnic on the floor of our empty house."

— The Wentworths

Gratitude for community

We were eager to find a home in Fairhaven or Happy Valley that would allow us to walk everywhere – parks, grocery store, and elementary school for our soon to be school-age daughters Isabella, age 4 1/2, and Gemma, age 3. After our hopes were dashed by the high prices of homes, we stumbled across KulshanCLT with a house for sale in Matthei Place. We placed our trust in Woody, who fell in love and made an offer immediately: the rest of the family would have to wait 7 weeks to see our new home, due to family considerations. When the keys were finally ours – thanks to great work by Josh, Christina and Danne Neill of The Muljat Group, we had a picnic on the floor of our empty house and walked to Fairhaven for gelato. Our neighbors have been warm and welcoming, Isabella and Gemma have kids their age to play with, and we feel a sense of community and gratitude.