The Warolin Family

Roosevelt neighbors Jack, Marcus, and Jen Warolin

"The perfect home...a short walk from work and school."

— The Warolin family

Our Christmas present

What an amazing Christmas present: The call from KulshanCLT that funds were available for us to buy our first home! Our homebuying journey started months before when we realized our two bedroom rental was too small for our growing family with Samantha, age 5, and Jack, age 3. When our search for a larger rental or home to buy left us discouraged, friends told us that KulshanCLT was helping friends get into a home. Once we researched KulshanCLT, we knew it was exactly what we were looking for. After our Christmas call and months of searching, the perfect home came on the market: Three bedrooms, a short walk on the Railroad Grade Trail to work at Barclay Village and school at Sunnyland Elementary, and a big backyard for garden and play. We are so grateful to Christina Olson at KulshanCLT and look forward to many exciting years in our new home.