The Angelopoulos family

Roosevelt neighbors Constantine and Stephanie Angelopoulos with son, Foti, a WWU student

"Our mortgage payment is lower than our rent."

— The Angelopoulos family

Affordable retirement

We are retired and had been renting for the past six years, but Dick Nolan, our realtor persuaded us that we could afford to buy a home. We started shopping and had just looked at a home for sale on Undine Street when we saw the KulshanCLT resale that eventually become ‘home’. Robyn, the homeseller, offered to give us a tour, and we were hooked. The timing was perfect! The home was so cute and clean and, after number crunching by Christina Olson of KulshanCLT and Josh Henry of Guild Mortgage, we got great financing. Everyone was true to their word: our monthly mortgage payment is lower than our rent! We are happy to say we are now homeowners, thankful for all the help we received on our journey, and very appreciative to live in a home affordable on a retirement income.