Michael Wood

Roosevelt Neighbor Mike Wood with Boo and Oliver

Thanks to KulshanCLT I now have an amazing home.

— Michael Wood

A garden, a yard and a garage

Homeownership had been a dream of mine for years but it wasn’t until I moved to Bellingham that I decided to make it a reality. After living in a third floor apartment with my two dogs Boo and Oliver for a year, I wondered whether it was possible to purchase a home with a yard with monthly payments comparable to rent. It wasn’t. Then a co-worker at the Community Food Co-op told me about KulshanCLT. Working with Christina Olson and KulshanCLT, I embarked on the path that led to the wonderful house I have today. At times the journey was stressful and confusing, but mostly exhilarating and clear thanks to Josh Henry from Guild Mortgage and Shenandoah Myrick of Sterling Real Estate. Now I have an amazing home with a garden, a yard for my dogs, and a garage to tinker on my VW bus. Thank you KulshanCLT!