The Asher family

Columbia neighbors Charles and Rebecque Asher with Coo-coo and Gertie

"A home, a neighborhood, a community."

— Charles Asher

Our hope has been to make a positive move toward more sustainable living, and KulshanCLT has given that hope real teeth with helping us to buy our first home. Moving out of the foothills to live close to town allows us to lower our energy consumption, and greatly reduces our commute and its consequences. We are filled with gratitude to have a fenced yard for our dog Gertie and cat Coo-coo, a sunny place to grow more than ferns and moss, energy efficient windows, a tankless hot water heater, and the convenience of town and work within walking distance.  Heartfelt thanks to our hard-working team of Cerise Noah at Windermere Real Estate, Josh Henry at Guild Mortgage, Kirk Juneau at Clarus Building Inspections, and Christina Olson at KulshanCLT who have helped us to establish a solid foundation from which to reach for the stars:  a home, a neighborhood, a community.