about KulshanCLT

our commitment

KulshanCLT is dedicated to creating opportunity for modest-income households to gain stability and create wealth through affordable homeownership, thus giving our neighborhoods strength and resilience and moving our communities towards social justice, economic vitality and environmental sustainability.

expanding opportunity

KulshanCLT assists middle-income folks (80% of AMI and below) to purchase quality homes in Whatcom County – affordably – and then keeps these homes affordable for future buyers as well.

We provide hard-working folks who keep our community vital—mail carriers, police officers, grocery clerks, social workers, teachers, non-profit employees—the opportunity to gain stability for their families, gain equity safely and put down roots in their community.

By partnering with low- and moderate-income households, we create and preserve affordable homeownership opportunities for today and tomorrow.

KulshanCLT provides our homeowners with post-purchase support such as financial counseling, classes on home repair, and leadership development. KulshanCLT’s dedication to our homeowners is evidenced by the 135 households we have served since we began in 2001.

strengthening community

When individuals and families achieve homeownership, they are no longer subject to displacement due to rent increases, building sales or the landlord losing the house in foreclosure.  Their resources are no longer tied up in commuting, paying high rent and relocating frequently.

This increased stability contributes to healthier communities, allows households to invest more deeply in civic engagement, builds stronger connections with neighbors, and keeps children in the same school district throughout the course of their education. When families are near job centers as well as extended family and friends, their interpersonal networks strengthen the fabric of the community.

In addition, homes purchased through KulshanCLT help to stabilize the local housing market in the midst of constant fluctuations, financially strengthening the broader community. In fact, KulshanCLT homeowners are eight times less likely to experience home foreclosure, protecting their neighborhoods from the negative impact of foreclosure.

empowering future generations

Unlike the traditional housing market, homes purchased through KulshanCLT remain affordable for every new buyer. This means each dollar spent on a KulshanCLT home is a lifetime investment towards sustainable homeownership and community stability. There is no need to invest additional public and private funds to keep homes affordable at resale. Our homeowners, as stewards of this invaluable resource, are both the key investors and the beneficiaries, helping to preserve a legacy of affordable housing both for their families and their communities.